I am Ian Peters, a Management Analyst at Delaware State Parks.

Prior to working at State Parks, I worked at the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, where my work mainly focused on tracking traffic crash statistics throughout Delaware and developing different ways to present the data to program managers, the media, and the public. I also worked on making significant improvements in the OHS GIS program.

Regarding my educational experience, I studied Economics and Applied Econometrics at the University of Delaware, where I received my Master of Science degree in December 2017. Prior to that, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Economics (with minors in Mathematics and Physics) from Eastern Connecticut State University in May 2016. At Eastern, I was awarded the Phillip F. Elliott Exceptional Honors Thesis for my project, “It’s All Very Taxing: Interstate Tax Competition and the Balanced Budget.” This explored the long term impacts of typically ineffective corporate tax reductions at the state level.

My personal interests include going to Delaware’s State Parks, exploring different roadways in different places (pretty much my motivation for going on any trip), cartography and GIS, photography, urban planning, and cats.